HBTSA-8.1: 500+ Graves Marked in Mound Bayou Cemetery Inventory

Cemetery field inventory
Ms. Myrna Smith-Thompson and AmeriCorps team assess headstone / photo courtesy of Ms. DeVoyce C. Morris

For the past two weeks an AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) team has been in the field documenting the historic Mound Bayou, Mississippi Cemetery and other historic properties. Ms. Myrna Smith-Thompson (International Order of Twelve Knights and Daughters of Tabor ) and Ms. DeVoyce C. Morris (Mound Bayou Historical Commission ) reported this week that more than 500 graves have been identified. Approximately one third of the graves do not have headstones or permanent markers. An up to date cemetery roster and grave count for the one hundred and twenty seven year old community was not available until the current project was initiated. The eight AmeriCorps team members are also

Grave lot map
AmeriCorps team collects grave location field notes

compiling information on the appearance and locations of the permanent headstones and monuments. In addition, twenty landmark trees (12 inch, or larger trunk diameter) are included in the documentation of the 5.7 acre cemetery tract.  The data will serve as the foundation for advanced genealogy and community history research and educational programs in the near future.

The cemetery dates from c.1890, and is a contributing property in the Mound Bayou National Register Historic District (48 acres) designated in 2013.

Everett Fly is providing historic preservation, cultural landscape interpretation and field documentation expertise for the project.